WHAT IS #NZreadaloud? #NZreadaloud is a ‘connected literacy’ initiative that began in 2015.

The goal was simple … One Book to Connect Kiwi Kids across Aotearoa.

The focus is on New Zealand authors writing stories in New Zealand settings.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? In 2016 #NZreadaloud has expanded to include Year 1 through to year 10.

#NZreadaloud5 will see its first Global Connection.

WHEN DOES #NZreadaloud TAKE PLACE? #NZreadaloud happens in Term One, Two, and Three leaving Term 4 for teachers to participate in The Global Read Aloud.

Teachers can choose to participate in all three Terms or take part in the Term that suits their schedule.

HOW DOES #NZreadaloud WORK? Teachers register to participate.

The #NZreadaloud ‘team’ connect teachers with each other by creating groups of 5 or 6 who will collaborate over a 6 week period.

Teachers and classes connect via Edmodo, Twitter, Skype, Blogs, or any other platform that suits them and the age of their students.

#NZreadaloud TEACHERS ARE WINNERS In 2015 #NZreadaloud won the Interface ‘Best Teaching with ICT’ Award.

Here is #NZreadaloud explained in 3 minutes!

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