“At #NZreadaloud we believe reading is social. We would love you to join us for this interactive, integrated, and connected literacy experience where together we explore books written by our New Zealand authors.”


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WHAT IS #NZreadaloud?#NZreadaloud is a ‘connected literacy’ initiative that began in 2015.


The goal was simple … One Book to Connect Kiwi Kids across Aotearoa.

The focus is on New Zealand authors writing stories in New Zealand settings.

#NZreadaloud is an interactive and integrated approach to literacy in your classroom.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?#NZreadaloud welcomes teachers and students from Year 3 through to Year 10.


The excitement comes from connecting classes across Aotearoa – from deep in the South to the far North.


#NZreadaloud happens in Term One, Two, and Three leaving Term 4 for teachers to participate in The Global Read Aloud 

Or our own version #NZreadaloudGlobal

Teachers can choose to participate in all three Terms or take part in the Term that suits their schedule.

HOW DOES #NZreadaloud WORK?Teachers register to participate.

The #NZreadaloud ‘team’ connect with participants who will collaborate over a Term.

Teachers and classes connect via Blogger, Twitter, Flipgrid, Zoom or any other platform that suits them and the age of their students.

#NZreadaloud TEACHERS ARE WINNERSIn 2015 #NZreadaloud won the Interface ‘Best Teaching with ICT’ Award.

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