Term 2 begins and along with that comes #NZreadaloud5.

If you are in the Facebook Group you would have seen the Doc we posted sharing the key points that were raised from the Google Survey we put out for everyone. The team are ALWAYS ready to listen to and act on any feedback we are given to make this work for everyone, so keep sharing your ideas.

In saying that, there are some things that we feel need to stay the same – the length of the Read Aloud AND the use of Edmodo as our platform for connecting. We feel stretching it out any longer than 6 weeks will lead to a feeling of it ‘dragging on’. The Global Read Aloud runs over 6 weeks and #NZreadaloud has been modelled on this:) As far as Edmodo is concerned – it is simply the best fit platform for the purpose of ‘connected literacy’ – it can be private yet global and it allows for more in-depth discussion than what can happen via Twitter. Those of us on Twitter use this platform as well for slow chats and encouraging the KIDS to ask questions of each other rather than teachers SETTING questions for them:)

With Stacey on maternity leave, we welcome Kerry Ann Absolum teacher at Otorahanga South School in Hamilton and Leonie Agnew (author of Conrad Cooper’s Last Stand) and teacher at  who have taken on the organisation for Year 3 / 4. Welcome to the team and it is wonderful to connect and work with two more passionate educators who are will to try ‘connected literacy’.

The #NZreadaloud team look forward to connecting again and sharing the excitement that comes from ‘doing Literacy differently’.

“Beautiful disruption”


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About Kerri

I am an Intermediate School teacher. I graduated with my Post Graduate Diploma in Education with a Teaching and Learning Endorsement (Distinction) in 2016. During 2017 I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice: Digital and Collaborative Learning through Mindlab. Having been inspired by many educators whose blogs I have come across on my professional learning journey, I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of things I am learning and reflecting on in my practice.

7 thoughts on “#NZreadaloud5

  1. I can’t seem to register on the Y5/6 page for term 2 2016 as it won’t let me enter my name and email. Please can you help?


    • Hi Alicia … OF COURSE! We want teachers to join when it suits them. Some participate EVERY term and others choose to participate just one term. It is completely up to you:) You need to head to the appropriate Year group for you and complete the Google Form today:)


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