#NZreadaloud explained

So the idea of a collaborative ‘read aloud’ is all teachers are reading the set chapters during that particular week… preferably finishing by the Wednesday/Thursday so some discussion and sharing can take place Thursday / Friday.

Feel free to have some ‘slow chats’ via Twitter using #NZreadaloud(no.) throughout the week. Any of you teachers or your students can tweet a question or thought for discussion at any time.

The sharing which takes place at the end of the ‘set’ Chapters may be in the form of a twitter chat, some online sharing using Tackk or Padlet, tasks/questions posted in Edmodo groups, or possibly a Google Hangout.

This is about being flexible and using what works for you in your class with your kids. I have found it is engaging to use a variety of collaborative tools with our kids for this.

Here is my TeachMeetNZ presentation which explains #NZreadaloud in 3 minutes (or almost!)

Below is the Google Slideshow I presented at #TeachMeetNZ july 18th 2015.


How does it function?

Below is an overview of who does what, as well as the various interactions that exist within the world of Edmodo.

NZRA Edmodo Responsibilities final version II with badges

Produced using Popplet, 2016

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About Kerri

I am an Intermediate School teacher. I graduated with my Post Graduate Diploma in Education with a Teaching and Learning Endorsement (Distinction) in 2016. During 2017 I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice: Digital and Collaborative Learning through Mindlab. Having been inspired by many educators whose blogs I have come across on my professional learning journey, I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of things I am learning and reflecting on in my practice.

7 thoughts on “#NZreadaloud explained

  1. #NZreadaloud…kids love it! I love it! Kids engaged and interested in reading while critically thinking about the text what more could you want. But wait there is more……Flexible, empowerment, learning….learning….learning. Appreciate all of the work that goes in behind setting these fantasitc learning opportunities.


    • Thanks for your comment Sandra. I think once you see the potential #NZreadaloud has for student directed inquiry as well as all the authentic comprehension and deeper thinking which happens it is hard to think about what we used to do!
      Some great books coming up this year too:)


    • Hi there Angela, YES YES … Karen Wilson is running the Year 9 / 10. It ran 2016 with mixed results mainly because it is a different scenario fitting something like this into a Secondary timetable. Karen would LOVE to hear from you! If you go to the Year Group Info tab on the blog you will find the info for what she has organised for 2017. She would love more participants:)


  2. Tena koe,

    I joined my class up with Edmodo but I think I may have skipped a step as I’m unsure of how to connect via Edmodo and what I’m doing with my class other than reading aloud?

    Can you please let me know who to contact regarding team leader etc.

    Thanking you,

    Angela Te kiri


    • Tēna koe Angela.
      Awesome to hear you are signed up and into Edmodo with your class. You should be hearing from a team leader VERY soon. It should have already happened. Which year level are you? Your team leader will have an Edmodo group code for you and then you get all your kids into the smaller student groups which is where they have their discussion and share learning.


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