Is this for me and am I ready for #NZreadaloud?


9 thoughts on “Is this for me and am I ready for #NZreadaloud?

    • Hi there Amy. FANTASTIC. I will have the Google Form for registering up on the Year 7 / 8 page in the next week…so keep an eye out for the book selection.


      • I am also keen to join, but not sure how the book reading actually works. Do I need to buy multiple copies? Or is it part of the programme that we get access to an electronic copy? Is there any cost?


  1. Hi. I am collaboratively teaching in a Year 3-6 class. I have begun sharing this initiative with my colleague, in the hope that she will be keen to implement alongside me. If not, then I am prepared to have a go with a group(s) on my own šŸ™‚ So how do I go about registering my interest etc, for Term 2 and/or Term 3? Thanks.


    • Hi Deb. The Google Forms for registering will be up by the end of this week. Being in a collaborative space myself, I think it is really important that your co-teacher is on board with #NZreadaloud. You could run as a group I guess but ensure you leave plenty of time for the discussion in Edmodo (Twitter) as well as the learner-led inquiry which comes from reading as well:)
      Look forward to your participation.


  2. Hi I teach a Year 3 class. I’m very interested in joining this programme for term 2. Will there be a form to register during the holidays sometime?
    Many Thanks


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