The end but not the end!

I woke this morning to the news that 2020 will be the final year for The Global Read Aloud. This post from Pernille truly shares the powerful learning that has come from connected literacy – for both students and teachers alike. As sad as I am that after this year, for us in New Zealand, Term 4 will be without the official Global Read Aloud, I completely understand why Pernille has called it a day.

As many of you will know, #NZreadaloud was born from my participation in Pernille’s initiative back in 2014. Inspiring kids to enjoy a literacy experience through a traditional read-aloud while at the same time making meaningful use of technology and flattening the walls of the classroom was the innovation I needed to change the way I had always done things. The idea of showing kids they are part of something bigger than them also appealed. I think we can sometimes get too caught up with what is going on within our own four walls so connecting kids to other kids- whether that be in New Zealand or on a global scale – and exposing them to different perspectives is really important.

The Mission remains the same.

The reason Why connected literacy is important to me stays the same. It incorporates everything which is innovative about modern pedagogy.




Critical Thinking   

Authentic learning   

Integrated curriculum

But it is Pernille’s 5 Themes of the Future of Literacy which resonate mostly.

We are in our 6th year of #NZreadaloud. There is no way this initiative could have survived without the past and current Year group managers (and others) who have volunteered over the years to organise and promote it. Big ups to Kaehlah Dawson, Stacey Kale, Leonie Agnew, Ximena, Crystal Hewitt, Jemma Thorogood, Karen Wilson, and Belinda Whyte for taking on this extra work because unlike Pernille, I could not have done it on my own while teaching full time as well.

I always wondered how Pernille managed the whole Global Read Aloud on her own.

Anyway, #NZreadaloud has always run from Term 1 – 3 leaving Term 4 for The GRA; it was always something I really looked forward to. With the final Global Read Aloud taking place in October this year, my very first thoughts were that we continue to use Term 4 to study a book by a global author; with the team at #NZreadaloud selecting the books (I haven’t discussed this with them yet but I have a feeling they will be keen!) and hopefully making some global connections to share the learning with as we always have.

Having communicated with Pernille briefly today, she is fully supportive of #NZreadaloudGlobal taking place in Term 4 2021 and loves that we have made it our own. 

So although it is the end for the official #GRA, here at #NZreadaloud we will carry on Pernille’s fabulous kaupapa of connected literacy and endeavour to make those global connections during Term 4 2021.

Ngā mihi nui ki a koe Pernille mō tō mahi i tēnei kaupapa.





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I am an Intermediate School teacher. I graduated with my Post Graduate Diploma in Education with a Teaching and Learning Endorsement (Distinction) in 2016. During 2017 I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice: Digital and Collaborative Learning through Mindlab. Having been inspired by many educators whose blogs I have come across on my professional learning journey, I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of things I am learning and reflecting on in my practice.

4 thoughts on “The end but not the end!

    • Kia ora Angie! Our Globally Connected Read Aloud will run for 6 weeks in Term 4 – the approximate dates will be 26 October – 4 December just so you know. Keep an eye on this blog as I will be announcing the book under the Year 7/8 tab around the beginning of October.


    • Kia ora Virginia – it would be fab to have you participate. Have you seen the dates above? Keep an eye on this blog for the info. We are doing the final official #GRA this year and will start on our own Global Connection in 2021.


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