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Hi there #NZreadaloud whanau.

If you are not in the Facebook group and have not seen this feedback I have put it in here for you to read. The team appreciate all of you who took the time to respond to our Google Form as we are always looking to find ways to improve this initiative.

Nga mihi,

Kerri, Kaehlah, Jemma, Kerry, and Leonie.



SATURDAY 16th July 2016

Term 3 sees the start of #NZreadaloud6.

The Google Forms for registering your interest will be on the Year Group tabs anytime from now. The team are working hard to make sure the texts selected are engaging and ‘just right’ for our kids.

For those of you new to #NZreadaloud we STRONGLY suggest you take a look around the blog as we have attempted to make this a ‘one-stop’ shop for everything you need to know. Especially read the #stuvoice and #eduvoice tabs … some exciting learning happening through #NZreadaloud.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you need any further information.

TUESDAY 14th June 2016

I have just received an email informing me that my  #NZreadaloud proposal for a workshop at the ‘Navigating Literaseas’ conference in Waitangi has been accepted.


The team will be off up there in the holidays between Term 3 and 4 to share #NZreadaloud – ROCK ON CONNECTED LITERACY

Here is the link to the conference site:)

Navigating Literacies

WEDNESDAY 27th January

WOW… we are participating from all around the motu. Gotta love this:)

All teachers add your pin with your school name. That way all of us and the kids can see where we are all coming from!

Click on this link to take you to the map:


#NZreadaloud will take place TERMS 1, 2, and 3 only. This leaves TERM 4 free for all of us to participate in The Global Read Aloud.

With thanks to Kaehlah Dawson, Jemma Thorogood, and Stacey Carter we are able to extend #NZreadaloud out to all age groups in the Primary sector for 2016.

More recently Karen Wilson @KaiakoWilson has joined the team and has organised #NZreadaloud for Years 9 & 10 as well. This is a very exciting prospect for 2016!

We have these categories:

Yr 1 & 2 – Kaehlah

Yr 3 & 4 – Stacey

Yr 5 & 6 – Jemma

Yr  7 & 8  – Kerri

Yr 9 & 10 – Karen

There is now a separate page for each Year group where at the moment you will find a Google Form to suggest any books. Kaehlah, Stacey, Jemma, Karen and I will add the information you need to these pages – such as the Google Form to register, book selection, deadlines, and dates. So keep an eye on the page you are interested in.

Kia ora for your interest:)

20 thoughts on “Info for 2016

  1. Oops! Pressed submit too early! Also, Leon Davidson has books about nz-ers in wars – Scarecrow Army – Gallipoli, Red Haze – Vietnam, and one about the Western Front as well.
    I have used edmodo this term. Still learning! Hope this can find my submission…

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  2. What a great idea. I am keen to hook in to Term 4’s book, so hopefully I will navigate my way round Edmodo etc to make this happen in time. Looking forward to collaborating! Ngā mihi.


    • Kia ora Jane. I am still pondering whether to do a #NZreadaloud in Term 4 as MANY of us participate in the Global Read Aloud during the last Term. The Global Read Aloud is what inspired me to start the NZ version and it has been going since 2010. This is ONE book per year. I would really recommend participating in it. If there is enough interest, I will get a #NZreadaloud organised but I will not be participating. Please keep an eye on the blog here as once #NZreadaloud3 has finished I will put some time into thinking about Term 4!!
      Thanks for your interest.


  3. I am participating in GRA and it is going to be my whole class focus. We are going to do a theme based around the idea “It takes courage”, with the novel Fish as the centre of the literacy programme and the connections we have made, as well as an inquiry in to the current issues related to refugees.
    As much as we would love to, we would not be able to fit a NZ Read Aloud in too 😦 but would definitely be back on board for Term 1, 2016!!!

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    • Awesome Megan. Jemma and I are doing the same – focus on the learning which will come out of the book FISH and see where it takes them! Will definitely be back on board Term 1 2016 – so watch this space! Thanks once again for your enthusiasm and positivity throughout #NZreadaloud this year:)


  4. Hi! I am doing the GRA for the second time. I have only just learned of the NZ version. I am looking forward to joining the NZ one in term one then the GRA in term 4 again in 2016! 🙂


    • Hi Mary, I am also doing the Global Read Aloud. I have decided that #NZreadaloud will run over Term’s 1, 2, and 3 leaving Term for for GRA. It has been quite a lot of work and I couldn’t imagine doing this as well as GRA!! Watch the blog for book selections for Term 1 2016 early in the New Year!!


  5. Kia ora Kerri,
    I have just been reading all the blog and info about GRA, and here we are in little old New Zealand with a Read alod for our kids. Thanks a Million! I am going to sign up for 2016 my class of Yea 7 & 8s. And that book Fish is on my list to read first , thanks to Megan as it is the ideal value to focus on with my class. I hope you keep me in the loop for sign up 2016.



    • Tena koe Meri!
      We would LOVE to have your Yr 7 & 8’s join in for #NZreadaloud 2016. Please keep an eye on the blog for the Google Form to register – it will go up around the middle of January. Until then, I will be reading books! Thanks for your interest:) Follow the blog to keep updated:)


  6. Hi I’m brand new to this…want to join another teacher and prepare for an after the winter break read aloud? How does it work where do I sign up?? 4th Grade teacher


    • Kia ora Ingrid. Awesome to have your interest. We are on 6 week break now and start back end of January. Each age group page will have a Google Form on it by mid-January for signing up. So keep an eye on the blog. And spread the word too:)


  7. Hey – the website date had that the cutoff was next Friday – 12th. Was definitely keen to do this with my kids this term, as it fits in with our cultural studies we are doing. However, not sure when the cutoff date changed! Any chance of a late enrolment?


    • Hi David,
      I am certainly happy to put your name down – is this for Year 7 & 8? Can you let me know where on the blog the date still says 12th – all of us decided we would change it to 5th to give leaders time to get their teams organised. I thought I had changed it in ALL places that it was written. My apologies… if you can give me your email I will get in touch:)


      • In the Yr 5/6 page, near the bottom. The first dates had been changed (which I missed anyway) But the second hadn’t.

        “I am looking range of book suggestions written by our amazing Kiwi authors with an interesting story line that appeals to both boys and girls and would provide opportunities for other learning areas. I will be going through your suggestions and selecting a book by the 11th of January 2016 – this will give us plenty of time for teachers to source the book, arrange our Edmodo group(s) and set up ready for our classes, ask any questions, and have our reading schedule sorted.

        Deadlines to register your class is the 12th of February (Week 2, Term 1) and we are aiming to start on 29th of February (Week 5, Term 1) for 6 weeks.”


  8. Hi 🙂
    I was just looking through the Literacy conference workshops and had to google this amazing concept!!! How do I sign up??? Thanks – Marsha (teacher of 7-8 English at Ruawai College)

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    • Hey Marsha… we are really excited (and nervous) to be presenting at the ‘Literaseas’ Conference. It is time to get #NZreadaloud OUT to more schools as we have seen AMAZING improvement in motivation and engagement in reading as well as better understanding of texts. It is also providing MANY authentic learner driven inquiries and suits our personalised classroom. We run #NZreadaloud Term 1 – 3 and leave Term 4 to participate in The Global Read Aloud. Signing up happens at the beginning of every Term as teachers can choose to do all 3 Terms or they participate as it fits their plans and school activities. I am only an email away…or maybe I see you at the conference?


  9. Thanks Kerri 🙂 I am super excited for my classes to be involved in #NZreadaloud!!!! I had the amazing news that I won a scholarship to attend conference – so I have just registered… hopefully there is still space in your workshop! I am the only year 7-8 English teacher at school here so I love when I can connect with others to enhance my students learning 🙂 Fingers crossed I see you at conference.

    Talk soon!


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