#NZreadaloud explained

12 thoughts on “#NZreadaloud explained

  1. Hi Belinda… it has been so much fun! Are you on Twitter? What is your handle? If you DM me your email I will share some info to you there. Would love you to get on board the #NZreadaloud waka!!


    • It has been amazing to provide this for teachers Kristin. A few of us are meeting in the holidays about rolling this out across age levels so I will post on the blog when we have things confirmed. We will be doing #NZreadaloud Term’s 1, 2, and 3 only – leaving Term 4 for Global Read Aloud:)


  2. Hi Kerri,
    I just found your read aloud after finishing the Global read aloud. Is your NZ open to only NZ teachers or are you global? I teach 9-10 year olds- 4th grade. Is that something I might be able to do during your next book- whenever that is? Thanks for all your great work!


    • Kia ora Julie!
      We are definitely open to whoever wishes to participate! I created #NZreadaloud so NZ teachers could have an opportunity like GRA but using our own Kiwi authors who write using settings our kids are familiar with:) You should keep an eye on the blog and the Google Form for registration will be in all Year group pages around the middle of January! We are nearly on holidays now for 6 weeks so we will all be back into it then. Welcome aboard and I am sure you will enjoy your experience with #NZreadaloud:)


  3. Hi there sorry have only just been put into this by a former colleague of yours. I think Tis program would be great for my country kids. How do I register? What do I need to know?


    • Hi Tim,
      It is awesome that you have heard about #NZreadaloud (love to know who recommended). I have always thought it would be an AWESOME opportunity for kids at rural schools so they get to connect and collaborate with others outside their own school but their own age! Everything you need to know is on the blog here… I have attempted to create tabs which explain it all. I would suggest reading what is here, watch the TeachMeet, and you will find the Google Form for the various age groups on the specific tab.
      Please email me if you have further questions. Love to get your country kids on board:)


      • Hi Kerri,
        Tim here, it was kaelah Dawson that put me on to this exciting project. I will put my email on here and could you please contact me so that we could talk further please? My email is tim@tepohue.school.nz . I think I would find this an easier way of contact


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