What the kids say




Tuesday 12 March 2019

This student reflection is from a student at an Intermediate school sharing what she loves about #NZreadaloud.

“I LOVE READALOUD SO MUCH!!! It gives me an opportunity to connect more with my class and get to see my peers perspective. In Readaloud, we don’t just connect with the class we also connect with schools outside of Napier and New Zealand. It’s way better than normal reading groups because we get to share our thoughts with more than just five people. It’s really cool because we get support from the teachers to help us analyse the text which helps us to understand it more. We learn so many new words and when we don’t know what they mean we research them and find out more about them. Instead of just listening to the story we do sketchnoting with is sooo fun. We get to draw pictures of what happened in the story which is better than just sitting there and getting bored and this helps us to be able to revisit the main ideas and themes visited in the text. Over all I think #NZReadaloud is so much better than normal reading and connecting with other is way more powerful for me as a learner.” – Charlotte


Thanks to all our learners who have contributed to “What the kids say”


These two videos were recorded to share with you the power of literary DISCUSSION between students. They are using a video chat platform called Appearin.com.

For #NZreadaloud3 there are 52 classes participating. It has been a magical ride connecting this many teachers and their kids through ONE BOOK.

Night Vision was the selected book this Term and the author Ella West has made herself available for twitter chats, facebook group contributions and soon, a Google Hangout.

8th September 2015

“The good thing about the chat is that we get to communicate with others and do much more advanced work” Year 8
“It was good because we could prove to our teacher that we can work independently! And we could manage on our own. Also because we could connect with students and schools around NZ or the world. We can share our knowledge with other kids.” Year 8
“The good thing about it was it helped us find out new info, like what X.P. was and how it can be inherited. Night Vision was interesting. We found out lots of meanings of words and we got lots of problems and solutions from one book. We also got a great opportunity to google chat with heaps of schools around New Zealand!” Year 8
“It was exciting because it was like a movie. It was good to know about X.P. because I never heard of it. It was cool because it taught me some different words that i didn’t know. It was interesting to know about Viola’s life” Year 7
Belinda Whyte‘s students
Brandon Intermediate School,

4th September 2015

This morning I received these comments from students in Jane Tesoriero’s class at Kapanui School in Waikanae:

“It is good to share because you see other points of view. This was a great experience and would love to do this again..” Louis (Yr 7)

“I enjoyed NZreadaloud because it allowed me to share my thoughts with others and see other peoples opinions, it was a really good experience and would definitely do it again. I learnt a lot from this site and have come away being able to work with others better.” Janek (Yr 8)

“My favourite part of being in the group is being able to see everyone’s drawings and reading the posts, I have enjoyed posting my thoughts about the book! I think this was a good idea joining NZreadaloud, this was a fun thing to do in school. I found that writing down how the orchestra made me feel was challenging. Overall I found this experience fun and I would definitely do NZreadaloud again.” Josh G.

“This was a really great experience I really enjoyed NZreadaloud, It’s a really great programme to develop skills both socially and academically. Night vision was an amazing book to read and I learnt that there is more to a book than what you just read.”  Cassie (Yr 8) 

“I liked NZReadaloud, not only because of the reading and tasks we got to do but because I found a lot of people with similar interests as me, such as anime and reading. I really enjoyed NZReadaloud and would love to do it again!”  Maddy (Yr 7)

3 September 2015

This comment came through an Edmodo group today and I have Abbie’s permission to add it to the blog in this tab in the hope that other teachers who are considering participating will read the STUDENT VOICE and register their classes in future #NZreadalouds.

“I know I don’t want nzreadaloud3 to be over it has been so much fun whilst reading and having deep conversations with one another, this book and has been fun,dark, and mysterious and at some points of the book I felt like I was on the edge of my chair!! Also sometimes I wanted our teacher to read on !! I love this book!!”

Abbie Z.

St. Patricks, Napier.

There are 23 classes around New Zealand participating in #NZreadaloud2 this Term. The success of the Read Aloud is evident in what our students are sharing, discussing, predicting, questioning, visualising, and researching about. Today my students decided they would like to share their thoughts about the whole concept.

Any teachers out there who would like to produce a short video of their kids and share the link with me, I would be more than happy to post them all here!



trim.23CC97E3-AF9D-43D0-AA35-8CB8E75C2F91 from Kerri Thompson on Vimeo.


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