Years 3 & 4


Gosh Term 3 already!  Thank you so much to my Term 2 team of teachers.  In particular, it was exciting to see how much the children were challenged and engaged by the invention competition!

Our Year 3&4 book for this term is “The Dragon Defenders” by James Russell.  This is a fantastic adventure/fantasy story about two young boys who live off the grid on an island.  No TV, internet, electricity!  They are happy with their dog and horse exploring their island until ‘The Pitbull’ threatens this.  When evil boss The Pitbull discovers that dragons exist on Flynn and Paddy’s island, he sends his men to kill one, and to bring him back a dragon’s egg. It will take all of Flynn and Paddy’s skill, bravery and cunning to stop them.  The icing on the cake for this book is the free interactive app that brings the book to life!  

There are 3 picture books that prequel this first novel if you are interested in reading them before we start.  The Dragon Hunters, The Dragon Tamers and The Dragon Riders.

15  images

I am in contact with James Russell to see how he can be involved with us over the term!

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1 (7th Aug) – Pre reading tasks and Chapters 1-3

Week 2 (14th Aug) – Chapters 4-7

Week 3 (21st Aug) – Chapters 8-11

Week 4 (28th Aug) – Chapters 12-15

Week 5 (4th Sept) – Chapters 16-23

Week 6 (11th Sept) – Chapters 24-29

Registrations for NZreadaloud#9 are now open.  Fill in this form to participate.  Thanks to all who are returning for more connected literacy and welcome to any newcomers!


THURSDAY 20th April 

Kia ora Year 3-4 teachers!  I am Crystal Hewett, a teacher at St Patrick’s School in Napier, and I am very excited to be joining the NZReadAloud team.  I have been participating with my classes for nearly 2 years and think it has transformed my literacy programme.  My class thoroughly enjoyed Mrs Mo and Rona and are excited about a new book this term.

My pick is a Fitzgibbon Award Winner, Barking Mad by Thomas E Moffatt.


An engaging, laugh-out-loud story where Grandad’s invention goes horribly wrong.  I am picturing some great opportunities to look into inventors/inventions and create their own inventions.  It is also illustrated by Paul Beavis (Mrs Mo).

Teacher Notes

Weekly Break Down

Week 1 (15th May) – Pre reading tasks and Chapters 1-2

Week 2 (22nd May) – Chapters 3-5

Week 3 (29th May) – Chapters 6-7

Week 4 (5th June) – Chapters 8-9

Week 5 (12th June) – Chapters 10-12

Week 6 (19th June) – Chapters 13-15

Registrations for NZreadaloud#8 are now open.  Fill in this form to participate.  I look forward to working with you.


FRIDAY 10th February  

Registration for Term 1 has now closed.

THURSDAY 26th January – weekly break down

Week 1 (20th Feb): Mrs. Mo’s Monster – Interacting with the text

Week 2 (27th Feb): Mrs. Mo’s Monster – Interacting with the illustrations – could involve looking at how the illustrator uses pictures to tell a story and possible art related activities.

Week 3 (6th March): Rona: Chapter 1-Chapter 5

Week 4 (13th March): Rona: Chapter 6-Chapter 9

Week 5 (20th March): Rona: Chapter 10- Chapter 14

Week 6 (27th March): Rona: Chapter 15-Chapter 18

Challenge your students to discuss these fabulous texts with others at least once a week.

SATURDAY 21st January – book selection.

Our picture book is Mrs Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis.

Image result for Mrs Mo's monster

Mrs Mo’s Monster: teacher notes

The short novel that we will read is Rona by Chris Szekely


FRIDAY 13th of January – Welcome back to the 2017 school year!

Thank you to those returning and welcome any new NZreadalouders.

Registrations for NZreadaloud are now open. Click here to open the goggle form and sign up. Books and weekly break downs will be up soon.

MONDAY 1st of August

NZreadaloud starts next Monday! Here is the weekly breakdown.

Week 1 (8th August): Fuzzy Doodle – Interacting with the text.

Week 2 (15th August): Fuzzy Doodle – Interacting with illustrations – could involve looking at how the illustrator uses pictures to tell a story and possible art related activities.

Week 3 (22nd August): Diary of a frog p.5 – p.17

Week 4 (29th August): Diary of a frog p.18 – p.29

Week 5 (5th September): Diary of a frog p.30 – p.44 (up to 25th Oct, midnight)

Week 6 (12th September): Diary of a frog p.44 – p.55

Can’t wait to get our kids connected through these text – enjoy the experience!

FRIDAY 29th of July

Registrations for Term 3 have now closed. A warm welcome to those teachers and Y3/4 students joining us. Leonie and I look forward to working with you all.

SUNDAY 17th of July

Welcome Year 3/4 teachers,

The picture and chapter book combo seemed to work quite well for this level last term, so are you ready to do it again??

Fuzzy doodle is a sophisticated picture book about a doodle that becomes a story. The illustrations by Donovan Bixley are to die for and based on Chinese ink drawings. You can find further information here…/9241_47742.pdf

9241_z  diary-of-a-frog

The chapter book that has been selected is Diary of a Frog by Sally Sutton. This book is part of a series and will be sure to encourage your students to read other books from the series.

Thank you to Leonie Agnew for some excellent book selections! Looking forward to the exciting learning that can be found in both of these books 🙂                                                                  

We will start Week 3 of Term – Monday 8th August – and run for 6 weeks until – Friday 16th September. Click here to open the google form and register. The deadline to register is Friday 29th of July. REGISTRATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED.


SUNDAY 8th of May

Registrations for NZreadaloud5 have now closed. Welcome to all of the teachers joining us for the first time, and welcome back to those who have returned.

We hope your class enjoys the NZreadaloud experience.

MONDAY 2nd May

Hello Year 3-4 teachers,

We hope your first day of Term 2 went well. If you have not done so already, remember to register using the google form below.

Here is the book and chapter break down, check it out!

The Anzac Puppy by Peter Millett

Week 1 (16th May) – Interacting with the text

Week 2 (23rd May) – Interacting with illustrations – could involve looking at how the illustrator uses pictures to tell a story and possible art related activities.

Dragon Knight – Fire by Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley

(Please be aware that Donovan Bixley is the illustrator but he not listed as such – he is a co-creator and may have written some of the text, so this should be pointed out to the kids. Could lead to some interesting discussions/activities on collaboration.)

These are very short chapters and they are not numbered, so we have listed them by pages. Remember, even if they look long there are lots of pictures and inserted ‘information pages’ – which could also make some interesting activities. We suggest you look at the use of maps etc and this is a must – check out this PDF which has breakdowns in questions for pages (if you want them) but also possible activities. Might come in handy –

Week 3 (30th May)

A Spot of Bother P9-13

Earlier that Morning p 14 -27

Week 4 (6th June)

An Unpleasant Encounter p 28 -43

Lost battles and Bad New p 44 – 64

Week 5 (13th June)

A Hairy Escape and a Surprise p 65 -85

Week 6 (20th June)

A Puzzle solved and a Rescue p 86-96

SUNDAY 1st May


My name is Kerry-Anne Absalom and I am a Year 3/4 teacher at Otorohanga South School. I participated in #NZreadaloud last term, and am very excited to be joining Kerri’s #NZreadaloud team this term. We are also very lucky to have Leonie Agnew, a teacher and New Zealand author, on board with us in Year 3/4.

The students in my class really enjoyed their learning through #NZreadaloud, and asked that we do it again this term. As a teacher it was very exciting to see students with different reading abilities have valuable discussions about the book. My students were engaged as they were able to share their ideas with students in their class, as well as others from around New Zealand.

Leonie is a Year 3 teacher and NZ children’s author – her book was actually the Year 5-6 choice for Term 1. Anyway she had great fun on Edmodo with the kids and when Kerri and Jemma asked her to join the team – the only answer was yes, thanks! Obviously this is our first time, so we look forward to lots of feedback at the end.

Okay, for Year 3-4 we think it’s important to have age appropriate books so this term we’re doing a (gentle) ANZAC picture book called The Anzac Puppy by Peter Millet. This should only take a week or two and will be followed by the popular Dragon Knight#1 – Fire by Kyle Mewburn and Donovan Bixley. Both books were finalists last year for the NZ Children’s Book Awards. I think the key term with this selection is ‘reading engagement’, and there’s a lot that can be pulled out on discussions around war, mythology, Middle Ages and lots more.

Anzac-Puppy-coverDragon Knight

If you ordering your book online, check out

Leonie and I are looking forward to working with you.

FRIDAY 29th April

Kia ora lovely Year 3/4 teachers,

I hope you have all had some relaxation time over the holidays. This blog will be updated very soon with information about the read aloud book and the new team members, as Stacey is on maternity leave.

The Term 2 readaloud will run from Monday May 16th – Friday 24th June.

In the meantime you are able to register for the #NZreadaloud5 below.

MONDAY 11TH  January

It has been a great few weeks of reading but one book has engaged, excited and hooked me more than others.

We are blessed in Aotearoa to have so many wonderful authors sharing wonderful stories for our our kids.

After many discussions with teachers, parents and my own family and friends, I have selected


After discussions and reading the twitter feed, it became clear to me that teachers wanted a book that would extend thinking and provide opportunity for deep discussion. I loved that this story is set at Makorori Station, Gisborne (a favourite holiday destination for our family), and links into beach and farm life in New Zealand. Themes include the idea that ultimately nature is more powerful than man, following your dreams, loyalty and family relationships.

If you are keen to participate in #NZreadaloud4AHOB please complete the Google Form below and I will be in touch with you all. Depending on the numbers, we will connect our classes via Edmodo groups.

Deadlines to register your class is the 5th of February (end of Week 1) and we will start on 29th of February (Week 5, Term 1) for 6 weeks.

The break down of Chapters is as follows:

Week 1 (29 Feb. – 4 March) Chapters 1-2

Week 2 (7 – 11 March) Chapters 3-5

Week 3 (14 – 18 March) Chapters 6-7

Week 4 (21 – 25 March) Chapters 8-10

Week 5 (28 March – 1 April) Chapters 11-12

Week 6 (4 – 8 April) Chapters 13-14


Kia ora and welcome!


My name is Stacey Kale (@staceymmcarter) and I am a Year 7-8 teacher in the sunny Hawkes Bay. A few of you may be scratching your heads wondering if you have clicked the right tab and yes you definitely have!

I have been part of the #NZreadaloud which has previously only been offered to Year 7-8 students for the past 3 terms. The first time under the leadership/guidance of Kerri, the following two terms leading groups of my own. In my classroom I have a range of reading abilities and have found this is a way to engage and excite all of my students while developing their comprehension skills. I am thrilled to be on the #NZreadaloud waka with Kerri and a few other dedicated passionate teachers and have been allocated the Year 3-4 age group. It is really exciting knowing we can expand, igniting a love of books and collaboration among other year groups throughout our beautiful country.

I would love a range of book suggestions written by amazing kiwi authors with a really interesting story line – books need to appeal to boys and girls and provide opportunities for other learning areas. I will be going through your suggestions and selecting a book by the 11th of January 2016 – this will give us plenty of time for teachers to source the book, arrange our Edmodo group(s) and set up ready for our classes, ask any questions, and have our reading schedule sorted. Remember I will be here to support and guide you along the way! (I was new to Edmodo this year and have found it really user-friendly!)

Deadlines to register your class is the 12th of February (Week 2, Term 1) and we are aiming to start on 29th of February (Week 5, Term 1) for 6 weeks.

I look forward to collaborating with you and your classes in the first #NZreadaloud for Year 3-4 students!


Suggest a book!