WOW… what a great story ‘Wolf in the Wardrobe’ was. We were all teary-eyed at the end when Nana passed away! She was such a memorable character!

I know I speak on behalf of ALL the teachers and students who involved themselves when I say how exciting it is to ‘connect Kiwi kids through one book’.

To have kiwi kids excited to discuss characters, setting, and plots…

To have kids connecting online and sharing their thoughts, opinions, questions, and answers…

Here is Lucas M’s interpretation of Chapter 18


To have kids posting images, documents, popplets, google drawings, wordles, and maps (to name a few) to Edmodo and using this online collaborative platform with ease and engagement was exciting!

Here is Jake H’s interpretation of ‘Cackles’ the clown


Here is Kevin L’s mindmap of ‘fundraising ideas’ for Finn


Here is Lily G’s popplet of fundraising ideas


To have kids discussing language and the impact it has on the reader was awesome.


To have teachers sharing task ideas was evidence of true collaboration and support…gotta love this..


To have kids involved in a Skype with Ranger Mel at Yellowstone Park was a fantastic experience. We learnt SO much from this 45 minutes!


And lastly… and most incredibly to have the author Susan Brocker involved on Edmodo with our students,,,discussing and sharing their understanding made the experience all the more authentic. The Google Hangout which seven classes participated in was the icing on the cake.


AND THIS IS ONLY A SMALL SNIPPET OF THE LEARNING< SHARING< AND DISCUSSION which took place on Edmodo and on Twitter. The power of this #NZreadaloud is still being spoken about a week since it ended as we discuss #NZreadaloud3…

Thanks to everyone who contributed and made #NZreadaloud2 the success it was. It could not have happened without the support and enthusiasm of all the teachers who believe in the power of ‘reading aloud’ and generating positivity and interest in books!

Nga mihi

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I am a learner and a teacher. Having been inspired by many educators whose blogs I have come across on my professional learning journey, I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of things I am learning and reflecting on in my practice.

3 thoughts on “#NZreadaloud2

  1. Great post, Kerri. For pod 11, this project has been a great success. Being a #NZreadaloud ‘virgin’ this term, I was a bit nervous at the start of the term. However, it was so awesome to connect with other classes, and to have such buy-in from my students. Thank you for all your hard work, Kerri – you rock the kasbah! Bring on term 3!


    • Thanks for leaving your thoughts Mark. There is nothing more satisfying than having students excited about a story! And to do this collaboratively by flattening our walls… bring it on! Hope the next book is as enthralling…I think so:)


  2. Did anyone think the yr 3/4 book was too grown up in places for that age group? A hand full of blue. When he watches a lady when her towel drops and she’s naked. I found this very difficult to read to my class and it kept referring back to it


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