#NZreadaloud: how does it fit?

Last year Jemma, Karen and I were the lucky #NZreadaloud team members who got to travel to Waitangi for the 2016 Literacy Association Conference ‘Navigating Literaseas’.

This was Jemma and my first time presenting at a conference and as nerve-wracking as it was, it was also a terrific experience.

On this page I have shared the Google presentation we prepared for the conference as it will help teachers to see where #NZreadaloud fits in with the curriculum. We thought it was a good idea as there has been feedback that ‘#NZreadaloud is difficult to fit in’ with everything else which teachers are having to do. Our response to this is … when we add something new to our programmes we need to take something else out. Otherwise we could keep adding and adding. Our staunch #NZreadaloud teachers can tell you that the programme on its own has the potential to cover reading and writing if you allow it to. If you are willing to take it a step further, you can base your whole integrated programme around a read aloud; which is why we think VERY carefully about the book selection. The books we have selected so far have seen our students driving their own inquiries into topics / themes which arise in the story. This type of authentic learning is exciting to see in action.

Anyway, here is the slide show …

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About Kerri

I am an Intermediate School teacher. I graduated with my Post Graduate Diploma in Education with a Teaching and Learning Endorsement (Distinction) in 2016. During 2017 I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice: Digital and Collaborative Learning through Mindlab. Having been inspired by many educators whose blogs I have come across on my professional learning journey, I started this blog as a way for me to keep track of things I am learning and reflecting on in my practice.

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